A Fun Game

User Rating: 7 | Growlanser V Generations PS2
Being a fan of the Growlanser Series since Growlanser Generations came out i bought this right away. The Game is a beautiful game and it has its moments with story. The first couple of hours or so you are playing a back story before the real game begins. It was a little confusing for me. I don't like playing a a few different people in a game i prefer to play as the same people for most of the game. It takes awhile for the story to take off and even then i have trouble getting in to the game. I am a true RPGer i love them and to me if the story is not there then the game no matter the Graphics sound or battle system the game is a bomb. Playing the other games from Atlus i was truly disappointed, with the way Heritage turned out, The story was boring and the game mediocre. It takes a while to figure out the battle system and the game has some kind of board that you can equip skills and other effects on. I really hated this part it was trully confusing and difficult to figure out what to equip and how to change the flow to this , it was awful. The me this was truly a pass. In am still looking forward to Growlanser IV i hope it is better than this though.