It's a good game

User Rating: 7.5 | Growlanser V Generations PS2
It's a good game, or almost it is a RPG, so any RPG player should play this game.

This is a Action Rpg game that show you the basic or RPGs, so the story and moves are not Imnovator but the game it isn't so bad. The first point in the game is the fact of have visible anemies, as long as you play there you can see all the anemies. Now this game doesn't show an imnovator story but anyway is a good enviorement, for the game. I took a couple of hours playing before I fell tired of the game so I recoment you people to put an eye on the game.

Now people if you want to inmerse in the world of Growlanser i recoment to play the compllete saga from the first one, because the story have some little part similar to the passed games.

For finish, this game worth a look a it. So and get it then enjoy the game.