Gris blends art, music, and gameplay for an beautiful and emotionally engaging experience.

User Rating: 10 | GRIS PS4

There are so many excellent indie games it is easy for a stand-out game like Gris to get overlooked. Gris is a side-scrolling puzzle game in the vein of classics like Limbo or Braid. Although Gris doesn't do too much new as far as gameplay is concerned the art on the other hand is wonderfully original. Gris clearly shows that we don't need to reinvent the wheel to have an incredibly absorbing experience. Everything about this game from the puzzles, to the narrative, and the moments of discovery are all very fulfilling. I'm so happy that after years of gaming to still be surprise by a gem like this.

In Gris the story unfolds without even a hint of dialog. Right away you are drawn in by the main protagonist as see demonstrates her incredible singing talent. However, once she starts to lose her voice it literally feels like her entire world literally starts collapsing. Gris appears lost and hopeless without her voice. She'll have to go on a long journey and survive many trails to get her life back in order. Most important she'll have to make sure she doesn't give into despair. The serpent threatens to consume her if she gives into the darkness. Its up to you as the player to help her get back on her feet and avoid the depths of depression.

Gris feels like an grand journey across many different planes all featuring unique puzzles. Each area has its own like gimmick so to speak which you'll master before moving on to the next section. Gris can't do much beside jump when you first meet her but over time she'll become more versatile. She'll learn to swim, fly, and even take on different forms. Let me just say this is mostly quite a relaxing experience. Hopefully most of the puzzles will get you thinking a little but this chill game never seems particularity difficult. I don't think I ever spent more then two or three minutes on a single puzzle which was fine by me but may turn off those looking for more of a challenge.

Wow, is this game just wrapped up in a beautiful package. I mentioned in the intro the gorgeous and wildly original art style but the amazement doesn't stop there. The generally soothing soundtrack is to die for. The music comes from an incredible talented band known as the "Berlinist". You can bet I'll be adding this touching score to my Spotify account for when I just want to chill. What helps make the art standout is how the meticulously drawn characters and environments compliment the subtle watercolors in the backgrounds. Gris herself is so interesting because her face is very vibrant yet her form is honestly very clean and simple.

I would never say a game like this is to everyone's tastes but I do believe anyone who wanted to could enjoy it. The story is emotionally engaging, the adventure leads to rewarding discovery, and the puzzles feel just right. I know puzzle platforms aren't anything new these days but Nomada Studios clearly knew they had their own story they could tell via this genre. The game isn't particularly long however its important to note the are some secrets and a just touch of collectibles to help fill out the experience should you want to extend your journey. If I haven't convinced you yet I'm not sure what more I can say; I highly recommend giving this one a chance.