Grid Runner Cheats For PC

  1. Level Passwords

    Enter this at the Password Screen

    Effect Effect
    3972503181 Aquar 2 Level
    3738142412 Aquar 4 Level
    3049463469 Ash Level
    4073571036 Circe Level
    3806015086 Ferrinar Level
    2547901022 Forge Level
    2782261791 Fortress Level
    2579585725 Glacia Level
    3234189981 Hexol Level
    4241586751 Iris Level
    3503504843 Lair Level
    2278231788 Nimbus Level
    3151996494 Trespidaria Level
    3460355070 Virion Level

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

Grid Runner Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Misc. Passwords

    Enter the following at the Password screen:

    Effect Effect
    Down, Triangle, Right, X, Right, Up, Right, Circle, X, Down, Start All Flags Mode
    Up, Triangle, X, Right, Up, Triangle, Circle, Down, Right, DOwn, Start Free For All Mode

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre, Mike Truitt 

Grid Runner Cheats For Saturn

  1. Passwords

    Effect Effect
    See the Ending Credits Access the ''Ente Password'' screen, enter the password A, Y, A, Right, Down, Y, Up, Right, Right, A and press Start. <BR> <BR>
    Grid Racing Mode Enter the following at the Enter Password screen and then choose a two player game.At the world select screen you'll find three new worlds where you may race. <BR> <BR>A, Y, Right, X, Right, Up, Down, Y, Right, Down
    Free for All Mode Enter the following at the Enter Password screen. Neither player will be It. <BR> <BR>Up, Y, A, Right, Up, Y, B, Down, Right, Down
    All Flags Mode Enter the following at the Enter Password screen. You will then have to get all the flags on each level. <BR> <BR>Down, Y, Right, A, Right, Up, Right, B, A, Down, Start

    Contributed by: NiGHTS, alex cross