Amazing game, just missing a few things from the previous-gen versions of Toca race driver.

User Rating: 8.5 | GRID PS3
Well, this is meant to be a completely different game from Toca race driver, and be something new to compete with the next gen racing titles like Pro Street, Forza 2 and the most known, GT5. So, is this any good?

If you've played Dirt, it feels and looks almost the same, just mainly on tarmac. its got quite a range of great motorsports, like drifting, stock car racing, Touring cars, and one of my favs, Illegal touge racing. the physics are also good, but may not appeal to some. Feels quite jerky and arcadey, but also fun to drive with. The damage modelling is also quite good. crashes can effect your performance, and your chances of winning.

Not many problems with the game with itself, but if you look at its history, there are a few flaws with this one. like it only has 43 cars, as Toca race driver 3 had alot more. The cutscences have gone too.

Still, its really worth a while of playing. The graphics are good and so is the framerate, the AI reacts well, and the career mode is more interesting than before. All that is missing is its history, but its still able to compete with all the racing games out there.