No cockpit view, no cigar.

User Rating: 4 | GRID 2 PC
I was looking forward to this game thinking that for sure the developer will this time around integrate the cockpit view in the game. Every racing/driving game nowadays that wants to be taken more seriously has the in-car view, but for some reason the only thing the developer has to offer are excuses of why the cockpit view is not there. So no luck this time for all of us who consider driving from the top of the hood or roof or from behind the car less natural than from the inside the car. Definitively a waste of money for cockpit-view supporters. Other than that the game looks interesting enough, to some extent also exiting, and while somewhat rushed still enjoyable. The lack of built-in in-car view will definitively be a deal breaker for many.
Overall score: 4/10
- if you strongly prefer driving in in-car/cockpit view: 1/10
- if you prefer driving from some outside the car point of view: 7.5/10