A cleaned up version of the first game

User Rating: 9 | GRID 2 X360
They really fixed up the issues of the first title while keeping the if it aint broke dont fix it addage to the rest of the game. The cars now handle much more realistically where the first game felt like you were always on an ice rink and the slightest tap sent you into nastiness,frequent race re starts were the norm with the first. With handling improved they also added a flashback feature if you want to cheat a bit and save from a restart which is comonplace now in most racing games. You also build a fan base and recieve new ride and race events at a nice pace and mix that in with social media and espn references to your skills it is actually entertaining,it makes you feel like you have a cause,a purpose. Lately companies have been making racing games with no story or character building,which,while its sometimes nice to just jump in and race,the game feels much more connected and personal when you have an actual story and motivations and character behind the wheel. When its said and done grid2 ended up keeping everything that made the first game sweet,but they fixed the things that made us not pick it up again for multiple plays. If this is the future of racing,im okay with that,grid2 is a nice blend of arcade and sim racing with all the little things that make a game fun to play rather than a chore.