Think carefully about buying this, it's not everyone's cup of tea

User Rating: 6.6 | Gremlins 2: The New Batch GB
Gremlins 2 is a platformer. It's not really everyone's cup of tea. Basically, it's like a downgraded version of Mario with weapons. It's better than your average movie tie-in, and a bit challenging.It does kind of follow the film, but some bits are added in.

Graphics- 6/10- some nice sprites, especially the little Gremlin and some of the enemies.

Gameplay-6/10- a downgraded version of Mario, but with some weapons, which is O.K.

Sound- 6/10- Annoying little tune and some nice sound effects

Value- 6/10- Nice little game, you'll enjoy it if you like Mario.

In a nutshell- A nice little game which is a downgraded version of Mario with weapons, pick it up cheap and you've found yourself a nice little gem