For anyone who somehow ends up looking at this game on this's good. Buy it and play it on your nes.

User Rating: 8.6 | Gremlins 2: Shinshu Tanjou NES
You take the role of Gizmo and your ultimate goal is to defeat the Spider Gremlin from the film. Early levesl your just taking on rats and bats, but then the gremlins arrive. GAMEPLAY: Kind of a birds eye view. You run around and jump there's platforming elements like moving floors and other hazards. Your main weapons are tomatoe which you throw. Later, you'll make a bow like in the film, and can fire flaming matched. Collecting orbs from enemies allows you to buy things in the shop, featuring the old man from the film. You can buy health, more lives, baloons (help you over holes) and power packs to make your weapons better. The game features really cool enemies such as the gremlins, spiders which split in half and others. There are some cool boss fights agaisnt stripe, the main gremlin. GRAPHICS: Great for the time. Especially the cut scenes. SOUNDS: Familiar music plays through out, and all the sounds are distinctive and memorable. VALUE: Short game like all the oldies, but its fun to play over and over.