Very nice story

User Rating: 8.5 | Gray Matter PC
I am in video games for the stories, and since point-and-click adventures these days must have excellent stories I play them a lot. The story in Gray Matter is refreshing, since it takes standard point-and-click tropes and does something different with them. It is part murder mystery, part love story and part gothic adventure. Normally if you were to put all those things together the result would be a horrible mismatch and everything would become muddied and silly. However, in this game the story works, and the story is the central part of the game, and so this game works.

You end up caring very much for the characters, especially the relationship between the two main protagonists. I truly was stumped about who was responsible for the various bizarre events. I liked how nothing was as it seemed from the start, which goes along well with the magical/gothic theme.

I am very much hoping for a sequel in this series!