This is probably the best point-and-click adventure I have ever played.

User Rating: 9 | Gray Matter PC
I have played A LOT of P-n-C games and this, if anything, is the one with the best story. I cannot exactly explain it, but you almost feel attached to the characters and kind of wish the game would not end by the second chapter because of the emotional investment that you make. I found that the storyline has just the right amount of paranormal and cleverness to make a blend of a plot that, while completely impossible, is still not far from the real world. The characters seem to have real emotions and personalities. The environments are very detailed, creating a beautiful atmosphere. The music, while not incredibly varied, does not get repetitive surprisingly and also does not sound like a cheaply written soundtrack. Matter of fact, the music in this game gets a 9.5/10 in my book just because I have not seen any games in the recent years that could pull off what this soundtrack did.

So overall, it's definitely a game worth playing. It strays away from most of the less-than-enthusiast point and click games and while it may not be redefining any genres, there are wonderful new elements that this game brings out. It also shows that a game can have a masterpiece of a storyline that is unforgettable.