Great story line...

User Rating: 9 | Gray Matter PC
Pros: This game had an excellent story line. Matter-of-fact it had about 4 different stories going at once. Lots of emotional aspects as well. You had murder, mystery, scifi, romance, magic (the magic was awesome), ghosts, ..all sorts of things. The graphics were stunning, and the characters unique. My favorite thing about the game was the graphics and storyline. Great camera angles and lifelike movements made this game one of my top 20 favs.

Cons: The cut scenes in the game were lacking to say the least. They were comic book style and just didn't go along with a game that had such great graphics during game play. Fortunately, there were some cut-scenes that used the actual game play graphics, but many of them were just drawings. I did not like this at all. Also, there are many parts in the game where I felt I was just hanging there. Didn't have any leads on what to do next, and there is nothing worse to me than having a lot of ground to cover and having to click everything to figure out what to do.