This game is so amazingly inspiring that it almost made me study Neurology. And the story is absolutely beautiful.

User Rating: 10 | Gray Matter PC
I love it, it's got everything I like, it's very enjoyable, the best adventure game I've played and I am very passionate about this kind of games. It involves neurology, mystery, magic, afterlife and feelings, it's very deep and beautiful. The graphics are amazing, the places very beautiful and as I said, the story is really impressing.
It takes you into a different world.
The difficulty is just the way it should be. I really believe that this game is underrated and I definitely hope that the creator will make some new ones because I think he's got the necessary talent and imagination.
Also, I love the fact that I can play it for days, because it's not a short game. I've been playing it for a long time. I'm 21 and I have to admit that I have peeked a bit at youtube walkthroughs, but just a bit.
At one point, I've formatted my computer and by that time I was already at the 6th chapter or so and I started it all over again just to be able to continue it, it's that good.