Gamespot should do what game informer does and do second opinion.

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Looking at GR, the gamespot score is quite off from the average, same thing can be said about skyward sword. But of course any fan of rpgs knows the biggest travesty is the sub 5 score given to Tales of Destiny. Considering the score is based on one person but represents the whole site, I think gamespot should implement some sort of second reviewer system and at least take an average, rather than having scores that are clearly out line with prevailing opinion.

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Can't disagree with that... gamespot's scores seem all over the map at times. This is a game I was expecting to see at least an 8 from on this site.

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this game is strange but well made. I think it deserves at least 8 points

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There's the user scores and metacritic links but yeah, a second editor's opinion, even if just color commentary without a score, would be nice.

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am i the only one pissed off with this review bec. it has spoiler in it... i stop reading after 2. paragraph which says game has an open ending... sorry but do i need to know that when im reading a game review? video reviews have a warning which is good but this is just stupid...

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I don't think this game is perfect.. Exploring the world if FANTASTIC, but the missions totally suck. Go talk to millions of random people? Use mandatory motion controls to slide with bad camera? Spam gravity kick because it's the only attack that works on annoying flying enemies? I can see why it got the score it did, and apparently the story does a ME3 (i.e. first 90% great, last 10% what were they thinking) on us, and that has to detract a few points.

Plus, they do collaborate on review scores, they have discussions on each game and all the head editors read the reviews to stop unfair ones getting through. And if you listen to everyone talk about Skyward Sword AFTER the hype died down, most people admitted that there wasn't much to explore and there was too much backtracking. A lot of this anger is buyers remorse/over hype.