Gravity Rush 2 Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    Completed 1 side mission. A Day in Kat's Life
    Defeated 3 enemies with one Jupiter Style Debris Ball. Ball of Destruction
    Completed the Banga Chapter. Banga Sets Sail
    Completed all challenge missions with bronze or better. Bronze Medalist
    Completed the men's portrait collection. Camera Men
    Defeated 10 enemies with one Spiraling Claw. Cat Claw
    Defeated 10 enemies with one Micro Black Hole. Event Horizon
    Completed the Eto Chapter. Fin
    Collected 60,000 precious gems. Gem Collector
    Completed all challenge missions with gold or better. Gold Medalist
    Completed the gravity shifting tutorial. Gravity Test
    Completed the Hekseville Chapter. Hekseville Twilight
    Defeated 10 enemies within 10 seconds using one Gravity Typhoon. High Wind Alert
    Completed the Jirga Para Lhao Chapter. Jirga Para Lhao Revolution
    Returned to Banga Settlement. Kat Rising
    Defeated 1,000 enemies. Kat versus World
    Completed 40 side missions. Kat Working Overtime
    Completed 20 side missions. Kat's Daily Routine
    Completed all side missions. Lifetime Service Award
    Grabbed 5 enemies with one Lunar Style Vortex Field. Lunar Vortex
    Collected 5 talisman stones. Mining Expert
    Reached the 3rd Layer of the Delvool Mining Trench. Mining Instructions
    Played a challenge mission. New Challenger
    Placed 9 types of furniture in Kat's Pipe House. Pipe Coordinator
    Raised all of Kat's powers to the maximum. Power Kat
    Defeated the five giant Nevi that appear with mining site gravity disturbances. Rift Hunter
    Equipped all three types of talismans at one time. Sacred Trio
    Found all of Saghassi's Paintings in Jirga Para Lhao. Saghassi Fan
    Found all of Saghassi's Paintings in Hekseville. Saghassi Maniac
    Discovered every mysterious warp manhole. Sewer Aficionado
    Completed all challenge missions with silver or better. Silver Medalist
    Completed the women's portrait collection. Smile for the Camera
    Defeated 5 enemies with one Jupiter Style Surge Kick. Surge of Power
    Merged a talisman 3 times. Talisman Crafter
    Discovered all of the sites in Hekseville. Tour Conductor
    Discovered all of the sites in Jirga Para Lhao. Tour Guide
    Collected every trophy. Ultimate Shifter

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold 

  2. All unlockable gestures

    This is a list of all 20 obtainable gestures in the game, due to the server shutdown scheduled for January 18th, the gestures requiring Dusty Tokens (only by attending to online events) will be unobtainable.

    Beat the game Apple
    Treasure chests Backflip
    Treasure chests Clap
    Treasure chests Donut
    Treasure chests Greet
    Treasure chests Hip attack
    Complete side quest "A Game of Gravity" Honored
    Complete side quest "An Angel Named Double-Cross" Ice Cream
    Complete side quest "An Angel Named Double-Cross" Kali Pose
    Complete side quest "The Spoils of War" Meow
    Complete side quest "An Author's Discreet Charm II" Point up!
    Treasure chests Relax
    Reward for 100 Dusty Tokens Salute
    Treasure chests Scare
    Complete story mission "Like a radio" Sing
    Treasure chests Skewer
    Treasure chests Tongue
    Complete side quest "The Machineries of Joy" Wave arms
    Treasure chests Wink
    Reward for 4.000 Dusty Tokens You there!

    Contributed by: OmegaRozenkreuz 

  3. Dusty Token Unlockables

    Unlock rewards for collecting certain amounts of Dusty Tokens.

    2000 Dusty Tokens Costume: School Uniform 1.0
    5000 Dusty Tokens Costume: Shifter 1.0
    300 Dusty Tokens Costume: Worker
    100 Dusty Tokens Gesture: Salute
    4000 Dusty Tokens Gesture: You There
    1000 Dusty Tokens Photo Item: Traffic Cone
    10 Dusty Tokens Photo Item: Upside-Down Man
    3000 Dusty Tokens Talisman: Fisherman's Recipe
    500 Dusty Tokens Talisman: Miner's Technique
    6000 Dusty Tokens Talisman: Unlimited Potential

    Contributed by: Tohsaka 

  4. Another Story: The Ark of Time - Raven's Choice DLC Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    Found all of the memories scattered in the labyrinth. (Episode 2) Déjà Vu
    Kept the Giant Collector's attention all the way to the station. (Episode 6) Furious Collector
    Rescued Zaza from the Collectors. (Episode 2) Guardian Raven
    Sachya left the Labyrinth without being discovered by Collectors. (Episode 2) Keeping Secrets
    Fled collapsing Illumina. (Finished Episode 4) Light and Shadow
    Lost Tears Saved the Lost Children. (Finished Episode 6) Lost Tears
    Escaped the Labyrinth of Memories. (Finished Episode 2) Memory Labyrinth
    Found the Keepers of Light and Darkness without running into anyone. (Episode 3) Personal Space
    Slid through Illumina without taking any damage. (Episode 4) Scratch Resistant
    Prevented the manifestations of Light and Darkness from powering up. (Episode 4) Under Control
    Recovered a memory without Lumino or Tenebria around to interfere. (Episode 5) Unrivaled

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold 

  5. Unlock Raven for mining

    Once unlocked head to a mining boat and talk to her to switch between her and Kat.

    Beat Delvool mine levels 1-30 as Kat Raven

    Contributed by: ablerider