This Game is a Great game that everyone should test. Super Graphics And Gameplay

User Rating: 8.1 | Grandia II (Limited Edition) DC
Grandia 2 Is a Great game that everyone should test!!!
If we start with the graphics The deatails and the suroundings in the game is marvelous. The charachters could have been better i think. The dont have any mouth and the are a little boring to. The gamepaly is super and the only negative is the stearing can ble confusing in the beginning but later on you learn it. The sound is the negative part of the game its not bad but it could have been even better. The voice acting is just fair and could have been much better. The music is good though but not super. The lenght of the game is around 50 hours so you get much for the money but the game doesnt have the thing that wants you to play it again right after you made it. But aftera while in the shlfs it can be very fun again. I Think the game was very fun but it was a little to long sometimes. It was much the same and could hacve been a little shorter. But it was hard to stop playing sometimes when you wanted to know what would happen next. + Graphcis (details and cutscenes)
+ Sourandings
+ The Gameplay + Good Manual

- Little to Easy - The ability to skip Cutscenes And talking.