It wasnt that great a game in its time, but it is fun to see how the series has transformed

User Rating: 5.6 | Grand Theft Auto PC
Here it is the gmae that started it all. This game unlike the next gen versions is top down view like the GBA game. The 2D graphics are very colorful, and the idea of being able to travel from Liberty, to Vice, to San Andreas is pretty cool. in this game though you dont get the sense of freedom,because of the top down. The cars control like a person walks so it is pretty easy to use the arrow keys or whicever setup you like. My main problem with this game is that the cars move to fast. I wouldnt be complaining about this in the new 3D games, but the over the top view makes it hard to see where you are going, so if a car is just offscreen then you're likely to crash into it. Hey, you need to go out and get this game. Why, do you ask when I say its not a perfect 10 game? Simple, it is availible for free downlaod and rockstar game's website. If you love the GTA series and want to take a trip back to its roots, then head over and download it right now.