Grand Theft Auto on Ps1 is the first one in the series and it's good, fun and an instant classic.

User Rating: 7 | Grand Theft Auto (Pokkiri 1400 Series) PS
You play as a serious criminal who causes crimes in big cities.

Game play:
The game play is just right. You first start off in the town of South Park (Get it, South Park) and answer phones to do some missions. While your at it, you can even cause destruction in the city. Driving is good, except sometimes awkward with the control or you might even bump into cars. Watch out for cops too when your in the city because they will bust you when they grab you out of the car you're driving in and the screen would say: BUSTED!, or you might get shot.

Simple and fresh for a start with the graphics. Characters look good as well as the cities. Shooting effects look good. Explosions look great. The rest of the stuff looks good as well.

Music and Sound:
Nice radio music in the game when you're driving a car. Sound effects are great as well.

Hold X for moving along with pressing the D-pad. Press O for punching or shooting (if you have a weapon).

Lasting Appeal:
It's the one that started it all and it's a classic for the PlayStation. 7 out of 10.