This is an amazing game for passing time

User Rating: 8.3 | Grand Theft Auto GBA
This game is very fun, i had bought it a couple days ago and its worth it. I dont know why they rated it a 6.7 its an excellent game for passing time and its a classic. Its practically the same as the very first GTA game, and i had loved that game. This one has new missions and new characters, but the story mode is pretty easy. I have not beat the game yet because i dont play it all day but so far the missions and destruction is amazing. The graphics are pretty good,(for a GBA game) the gamplay is amazing! i could play it for a long time, the sound is ok but not the greatest, and the value is great. It does cost quite a bit of moneybut if you are a fan of GBA or just like to spend time away from the computer and play a simple and fun game then you should purchase this.