The game that made all the games...

User Rating: 7.5 | Grand Theft Auto PC
Grand Theft Auto.A game that has become a classic and which was the start point for many great things that followed it.Grand Theft Auto is one of the first games that featured a entire city at you disposal in which you can do basically anything you want.Dozens of cars,many pedestrians good AI and much more.The game is a very unappreciated game and I don't know why.At the time of it's launch it was unique.There was no other game out there in which you could kill a pedestrian with your car and then get out of the car and kill all the other pedestrians on the street.There are some good guns in the game which can make you life easier when the cops arrive.One of the cool thing about this game is that you earn bonuses.If you kill someone you receive money.If you hit a car you get money,if you hit it harder you earn more money.The sound effects are very good,the engine noises being very different from car to car.The graphics aren't incredible but they help the game-play be just right.Overall it is a classic and it's worth a buy,and because of it's age it's pretty cheap.Good game.

My Score 7.6