Not bad for a start,but those who played GTA3 or better version WILL not like this game.

User Rating: 5.8 | Grand Theft Auto (Pokkiri 1400 Series) PS
Once again,Reflection produce a game base on their popular series Driver.Now this game ia ann OK game for start.There is one thing I don't understand...WHY DO THEY MAKE THIS GAME LOOK SO AWFULLY 2-D WHEN OTHER GAMES CAN MAKE BETTER GRAPHICS LIKE THEY DID IT TO DRIVER?GROW UP MAN!!!The gameplay is the least linear in gaming industry.You can either follow the ****ing bos's orders who always like to curse you(which is kind cool if they don't curse us) or just hang out waste people,carjack them and so on...the guns are pretty plain with limited amounts off bullets.If you wanna really enjoy this game,you should have buy it earlier before they produce GTA 3 because comparing GTA to GTA 3 or GTA:San Andres,this is going to the rubbish bin first.