this game is a start to a great series of games

User Rating: 7.8 | Grand Theft Auto PC
GTA is 3 letters that everyone knows , it stands for Grand Theft Auto , one of the Greatest series of games that everybody loves , that include : GTA III , Vice City , San Andreas .

GTA 1 was a good game and it's fun to play , and it was the first game i never played a game like it ..
although i didnt play it at a regular pace at first , i enjoyed it alot .. you can steel cars as many as you can and run away from the police , explode the cars and trucks , use all kind of weapons and shoot whoever you want . but of course the main thing is to do missions (like all the gta's).

If you want a small game (we're talking 10MB!!) and a fun one , just download this game .. it a Freeware.