User Rating: 5.5 | Grand Theft Auto GBA
game play dont be expecting it to be revolutionary this title utilizes the top down gameplay as in gta 1 and 2

graphically 2 d top down with some good gta3 elements as well as a spedometer (sure wished gta sa and driver had) but nothing great

sound good effects but the music is repetitive and dull as well just like 3

value fun but unsatisfing game and hard missions that no 1 likes to drive around a 2D CITy

tilt if you looking for a driving game like gta and want fun get driver 2 advance it has 3d citys suprising visuals on a gba so it leaves this port in the dust if you want a portable gta buy a ps2 or xbox monitor or wait for psp's though not sure if it will or not be the same