The first of the series that is over hyped by all; though this one is meh it is hindered by many issues (fixed in GTA2).

User Rating: 4 | Grand Theft Auto PC
The concept is great; steal cars (or motorcycles!), kill random people and cops, etc. All of this is done from a lovable (underrated) top-down view point reminiscent of old games like Ultima 6 (or any Origin game from that time).

However this game flops due to a few bad decisions:

1. The inability to save your game makes it so every time you want to play this game, you need to start from scratch. This means, the same missions over and over and over.
2. Having played GTA2 (extensively) before this one, the controls and camera feel off (as in, it doesn't zoom out nearly far enough).
3. Combat also controls poorly (like you can only walk backwards), in addition to having one shot result in death (a nice attempt at realism, but it detracts from the arcade-y feel) and armor being rare.

Overall, the initial release of the series is an very flawed product which shouldn't be played, simply because its flaws keep it from being fun.