The begin of one of the best series at this moment.

User Rating: 7.2 | Grand Theft Auto PC
If you're thinking that this game is like Vice City or like the other latest GTA's then you're wrong. This game is very different from those games. First of all you play it from a view above the player. That's a little bit strange and it plays not so well. This cult classic let you play as a criminal who has to do some jobs to earn money. It attracted players that they had a whole city for there own. And it was funny not to play the hero but to play as a criminal. That is probably the reason why it was so popular. Because it isn't a very revolutionary game. The graphics are ok. It isn't 3D and for 2D graphics the graphics are ok. The character models aren't very detailed just like the cars. It has the look of a comic strip. The explosions are pretty good. It's too bad that they didn't spend more time to create better graphics. The sound is one of the best things about this game. It has the sound of a city. The radio stations, one of the best things in GTA: Vice City, are also superb. Too bad that you don't have any voice acting. The game has much value. You first play in Liberty City. Later in the game you can unlock Vice City and San Andreas. So the game has much value to keep you busy! It's a pretty good game. Not the best game I've ever seen but ok. I'm a fan of the GTA series but this is probably the worst game in the GTA franchise.