Awesome game, everyone should have it

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PS2
GTA Vice City is my favorite grand theft auto game. This is one of the more crazier games in the series. I love going around and killing people with my Gatling gun (in the game if you go over to Phil's and constantly buy the gun until you don't see any numbers under the gun you'll have unlimited ammo for it) What i also like to do is go over to the army base and steal their helicopter and start shooting everything with the helicopter's missiles and have all 6 stars on the police meter while also listing to the Spanish music, it's totally insane but also really fun. The codes also make the game even more fun, making women follow you everywhere, make Tom look different, spawn cars and weapons, change the weather, make cars fly,and many other things too. If you're a fan of car and or gun games you should definitely get this game