Vice city rocks.. this game was made 2002 and i still think it's one of the best games out!

User Rating: 9.8 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PS2
Vice city is soo fun there is alot of things you can do there is lots of fun missions! You can get lots of guns and you can buy houses. gta 3 you couldnt buy houses.. you can fly a plane and a helicopter in vice.

Graphics: I say graphics is a 9 becuase i seen better like resident evil 4 and gta sanandreas.

Gameplay: gameplay is awsome the controlls are great and the game never gets boring for me.

sound: the sound of the guns are good and the voice of the people are great.

You can unlock alot of stuuf in vice but i dont know wat happeneds when you get 100% bc im only 92% done the game. gta vice city is a must buy.