vice city is the most fun game i've ever played,and it's the best grand theft auto game ever!!!

User Rating: 9.6 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PS2
like everybody,i've heard about all the controversy surrounding this game,and never ever thought of picking this game up,until i got a playstation 2.

now for the review.

the gameplay in this game is the best i've seen in a while,vice city gives you the liberty to do anything you want,and does'nt make you follow one path to a mission,and does'nt even expect you to do all the missions in the game.the gameplay gets a big 10.

the graphics are'nt the best i've ever seen,but are decent enough to recongnize a pederstrians face,or get blinded by the sun when it's rising.the cars,even though they have wierd names,all look like there real life counterparts,the comet actully looks like a porche,and the inferno sort of looks like the lamborgini gets a 9

now here is where this game really shines,it's audio.this game has one of the best soundtracks i've ever heard in a game.and since it's 1986,it has new wave,rock'n'roll singers from england,and alot of pink.....
i give it a 10

this games value is immense simply because you can do anything you want,whenever you want,if you want to steal some poor guys wheels,you can,if you want to create chaos,you can do that too,the options are endless
i give it a 10

as for the tilt,i was born in the year the game is taking place so i might fell a bit nostalgic,even though i was still a baby.