Mixed feelings right here....

User Rating: 7 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PS2
Hmm, because the new GTA has been out for like 3 weeks or so, I thought I'd review Vice City Stories for the PS2. Now I firstly, this game did first come out on PSP and for a right reason. It's a classic GTA style game. Steal cars, do jobs, shoot people etc..

The Good
- It's in Vice City: Didn't we all love Vice City when we first saw it a few years ago. Yes, back in Vice City is good to see in this game and it is interesting to see some new things, due to it being set a few years before the events of the original.
- Colourful: Yes, that is worthy of a good point, it's a nice coloured game lol.
- The characters: It was great to see all these new and some old characters, although it is strange how a big, powerful guy like Victor Vance dies so easily in Vice City? Oh well
- The music: The soundtrack was really impressive, had a great collection of 80's hits
- Story: It's alright, nothing flash

The Bad
- It just isn't Vice City: Although it is based in the Miami-themed Vice City, VCS just does not have that impact Vice City had at first. Kind of a let-down
- A bit closed in: For some reason, it does not feel as expanded as the original. I dunno, it just feels a bit clustered
- Designed for PSP: Playing this, I can tell that it came of the PSP.

The Lowdown
I could not think of many good and bad points, but you get the idea. The GTA stories game obviously do not have an impact unlike the others. I think that the PSP version would be more suited, but I wouldn't know, haven't tried it. But it is an alright game. But def don't pay like 70 bucks for this. Try and get it for something like maybe 20. It isn't a game you MUST have, but it is worth a go. So go ahead and try it.......after you stop playing GTA IV. LoL.