BARGAN! So much for £20

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PS2
What can you get in computer games terms for £20 these days, i cant think of much. Unlike the previous game in this stories series of games (Liberty City Stories) this vice city stories wipes the floor with it. I have been a big follower of the GTA series and this game is up there as one of the best. All the features we have been waiting for are here, developing buildings, having a good group of rival gangs to fight against etc. I will admit when i first bought this game i thought it would be much the same as the Liberty City Stories, but they have put so much more effort into which was previously one of the poorest GTA games and made it one of the best. The length is good and there are a lot less side missions then on Liberty City Stories. Throw in the usual mixture of radio comedy and the occasional loss of the landscape we have come to expect from the GTA series. But still a Recommended Buy!