this game does not suck on the ps2, in fact, its one of the best games on the ps2...

User Rating: 9.7 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PS2
so far i've beaten 9.6% of the game and let me tell you, i already love the storyline! everything about this game reminds me of the old vice city. the gameplay is excellent so that helps alot with missions. the sunset and the sky are just so...tropical and beautiful, unlike the psp version. i don't know why people said this game sucks on the ps2. if anything, its better than the psp version. this game is like the old vice city with a mix of san andreas. i actually stayed up til 2:10 in the morning playing this game, it's that freakin good. after a while, you get used to the graphics and you don't even notice little choppy graphics, the trails feature helps out the graphics alot just to let you know. the sound is perfect, especially the soundtrack, high quality music, just like the psp. and the best thing about this game is that it has sensitive controllers, makes it alot easier when playing missions or when you're trying to move in different directions really quick.

i hope this will convince you to at least try out the game to see if you enjoy it. and sorry for the small review, i usually don't type in to much stuff.