Vice City!! Sunshine, Cocaine & Hoes......Welcome to the 80s!

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PSP
Ok so this is my second GTA game that I have played. I think it is pretty good. There are a few technical problems but most of them work themselves out. Same formula as other GTA games, it is based in a fiction version of Miami Florida. Think Scarface (film), Miami Vice, Magnum P.I. & Knight Rider those shows would put you in the vibe of this game. The soundtrack is spot on!! being a kid that grow up in front of VH1, MTV & BET when they all actually played music videos instead of reality crap, the tunes are much appreciated. You play as Vic Vance a dude that comes from a broken family. You start out in the army, but thinks go wrong and you are left to hit the streets. Story wise things could have been better. Some characters could of had a little more time spent on them. Some of the mission are very difficult and you just have to be in the zone to get them done. Props to Phil Collins for making an appearance. Lots of new vehicles, the ability to fly air craft and use water craft is major step up from Liberty City Stories. I would advice anyone & everyone to get this game, if you like the 80s, crime games & good visuals. Graphics look really good for a PSP title. So if you see it and do not have it. Pick it up and welcome to the 80s!