a very great psp game. a great collection to the saga hands down!

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PSP
the game is before vice city. things are under construction,but things like the vice point mall are open. thing start out when your in the army trying to help your dysfunctional family. but your boss,is a bad man. he wants you to get drugs and prostitutes. when you approach the gate. a gaurd sees the woman and your kicked out on the streets of vice city. time for some revenge. the game starts out on the west island. in vice city,you started out on the east island. nice twist. and you can build an empire a little bit into the game. you get choices from protection rackets to robbing and smuggling. you make money at 16:00 everyday. you get henchmen,money,cars,and upgrades if you complete them. also the game lets you swim and jetski. change outfits. pre made outfits nothing like san andreas. but anyway it has a great soundtrack on the radio. Vrock and VCPR are there they are so entertaining. all 80s music. something for everyone. overall you must have this game if you can. it is so enjoyable!