wtf no tractor?!

User Rating: 7 | Grand Theft Auto V PS4

Why is here a tractor on PC but not the PS4?! What the heck. There are so many options for other vehicles but why not the dang tractor. (I should mention this is a dorky review cause it's bugging my fiance and I am taking great joy in teasing him with it.) Anyway; There are many different tractors; Kaboda, Honda, John Deer, etc. Though I am aware that you can't have these names but you can still have a tractor. Plus I think it would be scary as heck to be wandering around town and suddenly have someone lift your fancy new sports car in the bucket of a BRIGHT PINK customized tractor, plus if you felt like it, you could help out the local farms if you wanted. They have all kinds of Tractors you could add into the PS4 game (I am aware that there is one in the PC version). Automatic, Diesel, 5 speed, Ordinary Gasoline tractors. Oh! And my fiance says you can supe it up with Nitrous to make it go even faster. (now I am just rambling because I have to make this review 250 words). As someone who watches their fiance play I might be interested as well in playing if there were a tractor, I actually make him look for one every time he opens the car shop to see if they added one or not. They haven't added it. I don't know how a car chase with the police would go with a tractor but hey, that's the fun of the game right?