the game that made rockstar be my favorite developer of the past generation.

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto V PS3
playing Grand Theft Auto V for the first time was an incredible experience, a game that sucked my life for weeks to zero, it was not tiring, because its huge open world full of things to do, races, mini-games, and even hunting for animals, not to mention the Easter eggs and mysteries in the game, such as a ghost on a mountain or a floppy disk in the water and a frozen Frozen alien, the new protagonists Franklin, Michael and Trevor are excellent characters, charismatic, with a great chemistry and a lot of fun, full of excellent dialogue, the story is great, even with some problems, the fact that being the first rockstar game to use 3 characters has detracted from other characters' developments in games, and has some missions that flee a bit of reality, even if it has an explanation, and I found the relation of Michael with his problematic family too much, something that is even surreal of so exaggerated, but GTA V is an incredible game, my f avorito da serie, open world that gets impressive even today, great protagonist and memorable missions. Note 98