a yoonik! GTA V review: Flawless

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto V PC


A massive, beautiful and extremely well-realized recreation of San Andreas' Los Santos dedicated to living out every players' violent tendency, in addition to blockbuster-level missions and a whole lot of hookers and slurs


- Massively big and massively pretty world that's as close to an actual living city, that is if a city had a population with nothing but slurs in their mouths, or police that doesn't care one bit about innocent life as long as they butcher their perps, or ambulance guys that run over people

- Well-written and produced in-game media, namely those R-rated radio and TV advertisements, perverted cartoon shorts and shows featuring game characters, and the talk shows, all under those excellent music tracks

- Main story missions that's as epic as they can be, some even featuring alternative ways for completion to warrant replay, namely running an airplane into a 747 and then parashuting out of it as it crashes from the sky, explosive car chase on the airport, and of course, good-old five-star cop chase

- Excellent gunplay and cover systems, not to mention improved driving that doesn't let you slip of the freaking cliff if you do a sharp turn

- Well-written dialogue and excellent character performance

- The fact of character interchangeability, adding a layer of thrill during high-octane missions

- Impressive and immersive first-person view, which changes accordingly to the headgear you're wearing

- A wide variety of side missions, including the ever present collectibles, roller-coaster riding, bounty-hunting, racing, prostitution, and of course mindless violence

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- None... yeah, really