Another romp through yet another Grind Theft Auto... xD

User Rating: 5 | Grand Theft Auto V PC

* Worth noting, I originally bought and owned GTA V on PS3, then later bought the PC version when a deadline was placed on character/account-migration.

Single-player is "okay", but even the "end-game" of single-player is a grind-fest... then online is a super grind-fest... oh yeah, and Rockstar/Take-Two just took a smoking dump all over the moding community by canning OpenIV... so there is that. In one swoop they gutted most modding and/or the ability to expand the single-player side of the game... so GTAV now has less flexibility and potential than San Andreas, Vice City, GTA3, etc. -_-

I've reinstalled and played this probably 3-5 times over the past year, and the online is kind of fun if you go at it more solo-ish... but with other players it quickly dwindles down into another KoS shooter (which I get is a bit of the point to GTA obviously)... but there's so many KoS shooter experiences these days, that are already rather toxic, that I just can't find the enjoyment in being blown away every 5 seconds, especially when you're gunned down right after respawning.

There's also still plenty of hackers/cheaters in the online that doesn't help either. And even if you have your safe-mode activated, and you think you're safe, you're still really not. The straw that broke the camel's back for me with online in this game, is when I was in my safe-house, chilling out, thinking "yep, safe-mode is on, and people can't come into your safehouse", oh man, was this messed up. Next thing I know, I'm teleported to some random-location, falling from the sky... my character hits the ground, barely still alive... just to have the person that teleported me, run up and gun me down by shooting me in the back. Afterwards, each time I'd respawn, I'd get teleported right back to them, where they just kept killing me over and over each time I respawned. Waited a bit to observe other players, as it was a full server... came to find that they were doing the same thing to several others, and there were other teleporters and cheaters on the server doing the same. I quickly exited after that... tried giving it another go or two thinking I just had the bad luck of landing on the wrong server... and in the three other times I tried, found even more cheaters at least two of those three attempts... as if the toxic KoS wasn't bad enough, to spend $60 on a game (along with money spent on shark-cards) just to become a pawn and ragdoll for everybody else, isn't exactly my idea of a good time!

Modding was supposed to be the shining-light that glared over the issues and made single-player fun... and it does for awhile, but with the noted OpenIV issue above, and the fact mods just expand what's already there, rather than creating much new... the game has become rather stale. There were some really promising HUGE mods for single-player that add Vice City and Liberty City (GTA IV) to the main map... but first they were clunky and had to be loaded via a dedicated-server with a bunch of configs, then they were somewhat standalone, but even after being standalone, they're empty and barren... no NPCs, no cars, no missions, nothing really to do except to journey around ghost-towns. It's said you can spawn in NPCs and such, but they don't work correctly... making it more of a high-end Garry's mod. If somebody can ever make one giant map with Vice City and Liberty City and maybe even the rest of San Andreas, populated and with stuff in them for GTA V, sure, I'll probably check it out and re-rate/re-review it... but until something that huge happens... GTA V has lived its lifespan, and it's due time for a GTA 6, or something akin to the spin-offs like Vice City, San Andreas, LoD, BoGT... for GTA V -- all expansions to GTA V thusfar have all been for the online, and there's been no love or expansion (outside of more store products like clothes and cars and safehouses) for the single-player.

UPDATE: Tried playing this game once or twice since writing this... of all moddable games, this has to be the most patch-work/duct-tape-tastic modding system I've ever dealt with... and I've been modding/editting games since the 80s, I typically LOVE to mod anything that's capable of it. But with GTA V I've almost hit the point of just scrapping the whole thing, it's almost too much of a cluster**** to even deal with anymore! It's to the point where either every new mod you try to add, or every other mod, slips something out of place, or stomps on the toes of another, and you have to trouble-shoot and rip apart down to the foundation and read trace-logs to try to zero in on what went wrong, AGAIN!

(Also, if you want to play as a cop, good luck, an even larger cluster****... since you have to get ScriptHook, ScriptHookDotNet, RageHook, Scripts, Plugins, Mods, ASI Loader all working steady with the LSPDFR mod... which I've managed to do (what a PITA). But get this, LSPDFR force installs RageHook with their installer (EVEN THE MANUAL ONE), but the RageHook that comes with it is MASSIVELY outdated, and they can't be bothered to either REMOVE IT FROM THE INSTALLER or UPDATE THE VERSION THEY PACKAGE IN... so you install LSPDFR, which even just to get an updated version you HAVE to run the full installer which again FORCES your RageHook to be way out of date... to where you then have to go out and re-update RageHook all over again because they know they break it (they even say as much on their forums and website - but dare mention it and they blame the users for pointing it out and not realizing it, rather than again, spend that effort to either make the installer NOT force it [the check-box for it is grayed out so you can't opt to NOT have it install] or upgrade the version they force you to install)... but then, and this is the sadly HILARIOUS part. You update to the latest RageHook which is mainly two main components, an executable and a library-file... but guess what, the LATEST RageHook download doesn't even come with the most up-to-date library-file... was getting weird log errors, did some digging around, and turns out the library-file is updated/maintained elsewhere, to where you have to download the most recent because LSPDFR is trying to call library-entries that aren't found in the library-file packaged in with the latest RageHook.

I mean seriously, let's break that down... you install A because B will require it, then install B which force-downgrades and outright breaks A without any choice/option to not have it do so, so you reinstall A, to find out that B is still having issues with A because B is trying to make calls into a newer C, so you have to do the leg-work to figure out and find C, to download C, simply because B which it itself forcefully breaks and downgrades A is expecting/requiring the latest C... and NEVER mentions anywhere in A or B that there's a newer/required C... which also highlights the laziness of B to either remove A from their installer, or package in A and C, or at least give the option to NOT have A install and allow the user to install A on their own -- at the very least in the MANUAL install version!)

Oh, and then cheaters in GTA:O... hahahaha... too much proof, too many experiences, too readily apparent... could write a book... just browse the GTA 5 forums on Steam, on GameFAQs, on here, or anywhere really... the LARGEST and MOST READILY complained about issue is hackers/cheaters/modders -- whichever you wish to refer to them as. Actually witnessed a group argument on a forum earlier where first the fanboys were proclaiming that the anti-cheat system actually works rather well (in response to somebody complaining about the cheaters)... to where those preaching the anti-cheat system then argued semantics of whether they were "modders", "hackers", or people "using trainers". *FACEPALM* They explain that the "anti-cheat worked well because it caught simple local files that modify the game, i.e. 'mods'"... but couldn't deny that people cheat like crazy in the online, and even acknowledged the readily present issues of cheaters... which, even after all that arguing, still somehow believe the "anti-cheat system actually works rather well"... *FACEDESK* *FACEDESK* *FACEDESK* -_- (Even worse that R* would rather focus on keeping in-game prices insanely high while peddling shark-cards for the insane prices... while pretending to stop the "online cheaters" by harassing the OpenIV developers! *FACEDESK*)

-- This game at its core might have had original potential, but the devs and community have made certain it'd always be remembered similarly as a p2w-f2p-Asian/Korean-MMO-grinder... because all the horror stories you hear about those are alive in well in GTA V/Online!!!

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