Gta v

User Rating: 1 | Grand Theft Auto V PC
I see all these reviews coming out at 9/10 I played the game for 3 days just so I didn't feel like I completely wasted my money it is a rubbish game the story mode isn't brill switching between characters to do a mission is a pain and takes you out of the story you try to do the main mission to keep up with the story but finding the main mission in the first place is a ball ache it's the worst gta v iv ever played and as far as the online goes it's harrendous just races and death match but no players are in the races but who wants to race anyway the other people have better cars better wepons and your running around aimasly I give it 1-10 their is no game iv played on pc for hours and thought I really enjoyed that bar one which is titan fall and it didn't even get good reviews I don't know who is doing these reviews but you seriously need to start thinking new doesn't mean better it's been hype after hype and it's been such a let down I'm hoping elder scrolls online isn't a disappointment too I don't trust any gaming reviews anymore they all must be paid