Rockstar has impressed once again

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto V PS4

In this review I am going to review the GTA V single player along with Online so let’s start.


The very first thing you notice right off hand is how extremely beautiful this game looks. I’m only 23 and I am completely amazed about how far video games have come from characters talking with their lips closed to the animations of their lips matching what they say. The graphics are just top of the line. If you’re like me and played every GTA game since GTA 3 you’ll notice how every time a new one is made it just gets better and that’s just the case with GTA 5.

The gameplay is very unique, instead of sticking with the same character throughout the game you get to play as 3 each with their own personality and style not to mention an ability. You start the game as Franklin Clinton who is a former gang member trying to live the “American dream”, his ability is you can slow down time while driving to help avoid police and make turns better very similar to Speedbreaker in the Need for Speed games. Next is Michael De Santa who is a retired bank robber with a very dysfunctional family, his special ability is he can slow down time in shootouts making easier kills. Finally there’s Trevor Philips who is a former military pilot and a psychopath, his special ability is he becomes invulnerable for a short amount of time.

The driving is a huge improvement over GTA 4, the vehicles are a lot easier to control which made me extremely happy. The map is huge and unlike most GTA games you are not restricted of certain parts of the map you can start exploring this massive world right after the tutorial mission. The best part is the customization. There are all sorts of clothing stores around Los Santos and Blaine County ranging from the cheap T shirt and jean store to the expensive suit store. You can also get different hairstyles and tattoos for each character. I personally love the vehicle customization. You can all sorts of visual and performance upgrades. Each character also has their own personal car that can always be found on the map.

You can do tons of activities in the game which feature golf, tennis, darts, yoga, parachuting, all sorts of races, and of course going to the strip club. Just like in GTA 4 you can watch TV at the characters safe houses which I forgot to mention are highly detailed.

I’m not going to say much on the story mode because I don’t like to give away spoilers even though my review is very late and everybody has beaten the game by now I still don’t want to say much. All I will say is the story is fantastic and the cut scenes are hilarious

GTA Online

GTA Online is very different than GTA 4 online. As in single player you can have personal vehicles and get insurance just in case somebody blows it up which will happen you learn all this in the tutorial. I don’t really care of the fact that most of the stuff is very limited. Everything is based on Rep Points or RP which is your rank. Everything unlocks as you rank up. You can’t buy an assault rifle until rank 24 which is ridiculous in my opinion. You also can’t put any customization car upgrades until you’re a higher rank. So for people starting out (like me) it’s going to suck. Money is a whole other issue when you’re new to online because everything is so expensive the cheapest apartment is $80,000. While it is a breeze to get in single player not so much online. You can join or create crews through the Roackstar social club which is really awesome. The apartments are cool and you can invite friends over to hang out in. With the really expensive apartments there is a heist planning room. I haven’t done a heist yet but I heard there very difficult so I don’t know if you need that room to do a heist but I’d imagine you do.

Online is overall fun holding up convenience stores and participating in deathmatches with friends it’s a great improvement over GTA 4 and highly recommend giving it a shot.