Few Disappointing with GTA V

User Rating: 7 | Grand Theft Auto V PC

I have been a fan of GTA series since i was a kid. And honestly its the only game I play over and over again. I finish and restarts the game again. Loved every game of the series but I never got to get over GTA IV. I was expecting the same with GTA V but the physics of the game I found horrible.

The driving in GTA IV used to be so realistic, the crashes, engine overburn, too many crashes your cars used to catch fire, the engine used to stop working. All those things about GTA IV stunned me. The suspension of the cars in GTA IV was awesomely realistic but with GTA V I am very disappointed. Now it feels the same like I am driving a car in Saints Row or Burnout Paradise. Tried crashing my car over and over and over again but nothing stopped the car from running or catching fire. Now if the car is flipped we can still turn it over and it doesn't catch fire.

I seriously didn't expect from Rockstar that they will move backward instead of going forward as they always used to wish. I just wish mods allow us to bring back the physics of GTA IV.