User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto V PS4

now i know people have different opinions about games and about Grand Theft Auto V and that's why i LOVE about people. i REALLY SERIOUSLY DO respect other people's opinions because my motto is: "if you can't respect others' opinions, how are they suppose to respect yours." i am that type of a guy who always is KIND-HEARTED, RESPECTFUL, and FRIENDLY to every person because i was raised by the MOST INCREDIBLE parents ever. they have had been there for me ever since and when they are old i DEFINITELY WILL be there for them.

Grand Theft Auto V, to me and in my own opinion was ASTONISHING, AMAZING, AWESOME, BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL, CLASSIC, DELIGHTFUL, DIVINE, GREAT, GRAND, FANTASTIC, FABULOUS, HOT, and other WONDERFUL words. i say these things because Grand Theft Auto V was like a gold mine, masterfully OUTSTANDING from the start right down to the end of the game.

Grand Theft Auto V took a level that was OFF THE CHART WONDERFULLY TERRIFIC. Being able to switch between characters was a SLAM DUNK for ROCKSTAR GAMES and i say that with a smile on my face. The SUPER FUN and SUPER OUTLANDISHLY COOL heists and missions that you get to do are just MIND BLOWING because if you do a heist, you get options on how the heist will go down. Like the Jewelry Store Heist. you have the options to go in smart and wise or loud and dumb. if you go with the first, like i did "smart and wise," then you have to make preparations before doing so. It is a lot of work but for a good heist comes good prep work as well.

I 100% ABSOLUTELY LOVED all of the missions and the heists that we got to pull. To me, this BEAUTY of a game is MIND BLOWING and VERY AWESOME that i SERIOUSLY DO recommend it to all who love games because the graphics and game-play were UNBELIEVABLY ASTOUNDING !!! i have a Playstation 3, a Xbox 360, and a Playstation 4 and i got Grand Theft Auto V for the Playstation 4 and it's a SLAM DUNK for me.

i don't want to be rude or anything like that but do you all what to know what i didn't like about it... i loved how we switched between characters don't get me wrong but i really missed doing solo... you all know what i mean....... i LOVED that we switch between characters but that gets old after a while. sure i LOVED when we did heists and missions together but i sort of do miss solo play like in GTA III when the PS2 still was popular.