grand theft auto 5

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto V PC

its so cool game i love the story mode and the online but the onilne more becouse u can to play with your friends but in the story mode u cant to play with your friends i have a lot of a friends that they play gta v and i play with them but the online is so hard u have to buy a house and to buy guns its so hard but its so cool u can to buy masks like wolf mask and a monster mask and a monkey mask and pig mask and i think there is another 15 mask and the story mode its so cool and when u finish the game they will give u free roam and u can to hunt and if u were in your car near a big trees u will see a deer or big foot but in the online u cant to see animals or there is not animals in the online and i idvise u to buy gta v for ps3 or if u have xbox 360 buy it