Best game in the series, but not without its issues.

User Rating: 7 | Grand Theft Auto V PS3
This won't be a full review. You already know all about the game. This is more to point out issues that others have failed to mention.

First- GTA V has tons of customization. However, there are only 3 types of stores and 1 kind of auto shop. There's definitely something for everyone, but since there is already so much, it's very glaring when you see ads and clothing stores all over the city but you cannot interact with them. It would have been great if they had also split up LS Customs. It would make sense if there were all different types of auto shop. Buuuut as it is, they all seem copy+paste into conveniently spaced locations all over Los Santos.

Second- The special abilities. I'm about 30 hours into the game and I have hardly used the specials. They simply aren't useful enough. In the heat of the moment, I never find myself relying of Travis's rage, Michael's slow-mo shooting, or Franklin's slow-mo driving. There should either be more of an emphasis on them or they should be scrapped.

And the last issue. It's astounding that the game is running at all on the current generation systems, but it's one of the sore points of the game. I primarily play on PC, and the downgrade to the Playstation 3 version of GTA V was too much. I can handle the lowered resolution, but there is annoying pop-in, horrendously low resolution textures, and most of all, an unsteady (to put it kindly) framerate. You've been warned.

So I'm selling my PS3 copy of GTA V. I've gotten my taste of the game and I'd rather wait for the PC version (or at least the Xbox One version) to finish my play through and jump into GTA Online.