I haven't been this into a game in a long time. Definitely a 10 for entertaining.

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto V PS3
Barely put in a few hours but everything is so crisp in the game. There is no game out there that compares to this game. The graphics, the story telling, the game play, the diversity, the magnitude all are staggering. The city looks so real, the driving and racing way fun, the missions are involving.

I have a few gripes, but what the game does right, still make it a solid 10 imo.

The melee combat feels off...and in many other sandbox games its more fun, more fluid. A suggestion is they could have made one of the protagonist a better melee fighter as a natural skill.

An intelligent female character would have added a flavor, like the editor says...but the compared too its counterparts the game overflows with that.I'm sure R* will fix that in their next.

I'm not too sure yet about my other complaints...gonna play some more.

But like some movies, you can tell in the first 10 minutes its gonna be good...This is one of those...The atmosphere is so powerful...so much attention to detail in this game. Very worth successor. Very Very Fun!