Best GTA yet

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto V PS3
I'm not sure why this game hasn't received a 10/10. So far I've enjoyed the game and am looking forward to continuing play. I haven't played online yet, but so far the campaign and the driving around are worth the 10/10. IMHO. I like that it's different enough from the other GTAs to be its own game, but still holds true to the series. I'm going to come out and say this is THE game of 2013. I think what RockStar has done right is really help immerse people in the game and provide a truly enhanced experience. With the addition of more "regular life" stuff, like investing and lounging with friends, players are truly able to connect with the characters and Los Santos, and better enjoy the game because it feels like you're actually a part of the world.
Finally, after playing this for a little bit, I would highly recommend not allowing children to play this. I'm not worried they will go out and hurt someone, but at least in my opinion, the violence and language are enough for parents to be very mindful of whether or not their kids play this game. Of course as a parent, it's your choice, but based on the playing I've done so far, I highly recommend passing on this one for your kids.