Your first move?

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Upon getting the game, and all the intro and forced prologue and all that jazz is over, what's your first thing? Trying to find a clothes store? Shooting everything to see how the damage models are? What's the thing you're waiting to do?

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#2 Posted by Smoothus (979 posts) -

finding a 50$ service , duh.

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#3 Posted by jcopp72 (5370 posts) -
I'll probably cruze the city a bit then do a few missions to try and get the tutorials done.
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#4 Posted by TAGGER_SK8ER101 (1866 posts) -
I first wanted to look for my old neighborhood to see if it's included in the game. Then I changed my mind to visiting Venice Beach with a rifle. But now my first act will be giving everyone the bird and bumping into them in order to hear the dialogue/see their reaction.
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#5 Posted by ImGunnaKillYou (201 posts) -

stealing an airplane, flying over the gigantic map and mountains, then skydiving into the pacific

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Get a car,  get on the freeway and just fly. Cause as much vehicular mayhem as possible.  Or get on the freeway, get out of the car and just walk around and watch people try to avoid hitting me (the area around airport in GTA IV is great for that) 

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#7 Posted by hunt3r90 (33 posts) -

First, I ll steal a car and take a drive trough the city

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Heard that I could flip off people?Gonna play as Trevor and go down to Jefferson Park and do just that. Might've gone a bit too far
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Finger people, start fights in the streets, then I'll probably get a wanted level, have a battle with police, try to run away and eventually die. That is most likely what will happen with me xD

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straight onto the story mode until i get some decent weapons and an idea of how the dam game works

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I'm figuring it'll probably handle the same as GTAIV, at least the walking about and where the draw a weapon buttons are and what not so the running off into the city as soon as it starts may not be a big learning curve.