Xbox Enforcement discrimiN8ion #LetsBecomeTrillionairesAndRank8000

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Xbox Enforcement wouldn't want me to gaiN more followers through LookiNg For Group Posts for GTA OnliNe, than an average Mixer streamer... That's why they're discrimiN8iNg agaiNst me and claimiNg that my LFGroup post is spam or false giveaways; Even though it simply says 7 words: 'Let's become?trillionaires and rank?8000'. I'm not sayiNg that's the only reason, but it's a strong enough reason to make them 'butt hurt'. GTA OnliNe has 4 different currencies/rewards: Money, RP (level/rank), JP (Job PoiNts), and the newly implemented AP (Arena PoiNts) which is part of the Arena Wars upd8. If everyone's primary focus is leveliNg up and earniNg money, then what is wrong with me postiNg that? Then I follow up with my confirmed LFGroup post members by firstly sendiNg them a game iNvite, then 3 Xbox Club iNvites (Because I own several Xbox Clubs), then I message them: 'I'm unitiNg 30 players iN a freemode session. If my MC/CEO is full host your own or joiN another. If you want a consistent, reliable, active, friendly, and helpful host/deliverer, add me as a favorite?' or somethiNg similar to that. Then I even go the extra mile by sendiNg them my shared content which I store iN a direct message to one of my secondary accounts, to make thiNgs quicker and easier for me. With all of that said, what is wrong with my post and communic8ions? NothiNg. They're just envious and target me, the Xbox Enforcement team permanently suspended my gamertag #iN8k iN October 2018 and I was level 1,083 out of 8,000 levels. I got banned for 9 years of trash talk; But with all of this said I have plenty of reason to believe that they are targetiNg me and attemptiNg to implement another permanent account suspension on #iNN8k or ... worse... a console suspension... I want this addressed and iNvestig8ed because this is entirely unfair.

(Also take note: We're allowed to send 1,000 messages daily with 500 characters per message.)

(Also keep iN miNd: They banned me on June 4, 2019, 7: 22 :23 PM for 2 weeks, I thought I got banned for harassment or bullyiNg... June 18 comes and the suspension was supposed to be lifted at 11PM, I got iN the shower at 8PM, got out around 8:40PM, I turned on my console, the suspension was lifted; So I began hostiNg my post, and messagiNg people the above mentioned paragraph, iN the middle of messagiNg people they banned me for ANOTHER 2 weeks, but they banned me at 9: 30... Literally 1 hour after my other suspension was lifted... So with that said idk if they're banniNg me for my LFGroup post, or my messages, but there is nothiNg wrong with either one, even iN the 2 case reviews I filed I asked for clarific8ion and they didn't give it, they always simply send a robotic response with a generaliZed description which is unspecific.) ?#LetsBecomeTrillionairesAndRank8000?