[Xbox 360] Busted, anyone? GTA V, really fun game mode.

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I've created a mode for Busted on Xbox 360. Getting players to join my game can be quite difficult, finding players that actually know what to do is even harder. So if anyone wants to play it please feel free to join my crew and I will invite you next time I am online.

For anyone who doesn't know what it is, it's a Cops 'n' Robbers style of game where there is one robber who picks a standard car, the other players get in a cop car and wait, until they are given the signal to chase the escaping crook, (Something the people I just played with didn't seem to understand). Once the crook sets off we give them about 5 seconds head start before we pursue them and try and smash their car to bits. NOTE: there are no weapons in this game mode, so to end the mode once the crook has been caught, we must run people over until the score limit is reached (10). If the crook becomes lodged in a space where they literally can't move then they lose and should get out and greet death in the form of a Police Cruisers front bumper.

Check the link out for a great example.


Also, currently the crook doesn't seem to have a permanent blip on the radar, we tried giving him three kills to become the "power player" but this didn't work, does anyone have any ideas?

I hope you want to play this as it can be really fun once you find a lobby of players who understand what to do. Like I said, if you wish to play simply join my crew at the R* Social Club. Alternatively, post your Gamertags on this thread and I will add you.