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Greetings everyone,

Our crew is currently undergoing a massive restructure and we're seeking new members to join us on the Xbox One console. We were established for GTA Online in 2013, but we've been around since the Halo 2 days of Xbox Live. We're a fun group of mature gamers that doesn't take themselves too seriously (this can be witnessed by our logo which I have currently set as my avatar). Our belief is that in order for any crew to be successful, fairness and respect is key. We're just trying to have a good time and make The Watermelon Men the best crew it can possibly be! There are plenty of growth opportunities within this crew and we are currently seeking members to fulfill Lieutenant and Representative roles. If you're interested in joining, or you have anymore questions, message WhiteLikePaste on Xbox Live. Thank you and I hope to heist with some of you soon!