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we should start a petition to get Zoomer30 to stop posting here he's such a downer and he doesn't know what hes talking about

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He just needs a hug. Petition for hugs.

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10,000,000 signtures from this guy.

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Wow...I haven't posted in over a week (probably more) and now someone is starting a petition to get me banned?  Wow, kinda sums up why everyone on this board just assumes the game is coming in May with that kind of logic. The game won't ship till October 2013, the writings on the wall. Just have to wait till the next financial conference call, have a vision of $600 million getting moved to the last quarter of 2013. 


I've given up on this game, you can't and won't get anymore actual info from Rockstar till March or so. With Far Cry 3 (9/10) coming, I'll be hitting that. At least they know how to ship. 

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This guy is hilarious. Zoomer30 is going to be a legend on the GTA V forums. At least until we get a release date. Then this board will be flooded and then everyone's going to forget that you even existed.
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Hey, I love to be proven wrong by Rockstar, just don't see it happening. I think they hope that the GI magazine would hold us over till release. It's going to have to because its going to be a long wait. We have yet to see any game play video, only cinematics. They won't spring this thing on us. And then you must remember that Rockstar loves to make people wait. The sig says it all.
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There's no real proof that the game will come out in October. And even if Rockstar has yet to figure out how to work the game, who's to say they are not close to doing just that? If it does come out in October I will admit being wrong, but Zoomer30 will have to admit his fault about claiming the game to come out on next generation consoles. 

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Heck,  guess we won't have to wait that long after all. The French Amazon site leaked the official release date of June 19 2013.  Ive said from day one they would do this.  June is just a hop skip and a jump from October.  It also finally sticks a fork in the May nonsense.    Since they never release these games in any month but May or October that means October.  

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Odds are thas a made up date like you mentioned a while back with the HMV.COM date. It doesn't mean anything

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Looks like this Amazon thing is gaining traction. Just saw that Amazon has officially revealed the release date of GTA V as June 19 2013.  The last day of spring.  The fact that Rockstar won't comment on this should scare the crap out of GTA fans.  No comment usually means that the date is at the early end of the window for release. I think it should be clear by now that this whole spring thing was just a ploy to keep people interested since they know it won't ship its spring in Australia (also known as FALL to us north of the equator. )


Said it before and I'll say it again.......... It's written in the signature.  

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Likely another made-up date. I wouldn't mind though if it was a June release but I'll only believe it when and if Rockstar announces it. And if the next X-Box console comes out next year Rockstar would have to release it springtime to still captalize on the 360 owners and to still get the most money since it would take 2-3 years for a new console to have the same amount of owners as the 360 currenty does.

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Just stating his opinion I guess, can't bring me down-I'm just happy to be back in Los Santos x)
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Everyday that passes without some official announcement of a real release date just pushes it further and further into late 2013. Hard to believe that this game was a rumored shoo in for October 2012. Someone will have to explain that logic to me sometime.  At this point it just makes more sense to announce a delay and hold it over for the next gen. Makes no sense to try to rush it out on the current machines.  

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June 20th is the last day of spring dumbass. Still on the october **** huh? I really cannot wait to rub that in your miserable little face when were playing it in april-may. Im glad youve given up on this game. You don't deserve to play the soon to be greatest video game ever made. The way youve insulted R*. Next-gen and october 13, Not going to happen. So I'm going to say this one last time, in the nicest possible way. Get off these forums and go **** yourslf Zoomer. Please. For the sake of everyone who lost brain cells reading your senseless rambling on of words youve said 1000 times.

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We'll see who's stupid when March gets here and the game still has no release date.  And to think I thought MAY was insanely optimistic.  Its great comedy to see what people will take as fact, as long as it's on the Internet.  Just read the GI article in the new issue of the mag. The QnA section is telling : In short, there is still a lot of the game that is not done. Figure 6 months of work to do yet and then a bit of polish and wah-la,  hello October.  

Its basic:

1. Devleopers lie about release dates all the time,  thats why game get delayed.  

2. Take2 (like any company) wants nice steady revenue throughout the year.  They will not release their 2 big titles of the year in the same month.  Plain and Simple and logical.  And if GTA V was coming in March, we'd know officially.  Bio Shock would not even be noticed next to GTA V. 

3  October is GTAs month,  always has been.   


I suspect we will be getting some big news in the next 2 weeks or so,  and it will be that the game wont be out this Spring or Summer. 

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 No disrespect to Zoomer but he has no real proof of an October date. All he has is patterns and hunches. I normally follow facts. Since Bioshock 2 and Red Dead Redemption were released in a 3 month 9 day gap, I don't see why GTA V couldn't live up to it's Spring release with Bioshock Infinite getting released in March.

 Since L.A. Noire had the release date at late Janurary there's still time for GTA V to have a Spring release date, the release date could come as late as Febuary.

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You can't compare GTA V to any other game.  If it were to come out anywhere near Bio Shock it would hurt sales of that game.  Take2 will not let that happen.  By releasing GTA V in the same quarter they are pretty much just throwing all the work on BS away.  This should all become clear in the next 2 to 4 weeks.  Given the "assumption" that the game is coming in March, a two month lead time would be standard.  

Gta v is a behemoth of a game, anything else would be lost in the stampede.  It would be like trying to hear the squeak of a mouse next to the roar of a lion.  Spring is just a placeholder date, and I am betting that Take2 wishes Rockstar had just not said anything.  

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 I don't think that matters how big the game is. That's like saying Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim shouldn't been released a month after Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 or two months after Batman: Arkum City. And March is still Winter so both games will still be seperate quarters. I think it would take only three months for Bioshock Infinite to do it's thing (perhaps shorter since there's no multiplayer.)

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There is a key flaw in your example: None of those games were published by the same company.  BS and GTA are both Take 2 games.... Big big difference.  GTA V blows all other games out of the water, so they don't need to time the release based on what the competition is doing.  But by releasing the same week as BS, they are competing with themselves.  That wont happen,  and since BS is already late,  GTA gets moved (assuming it would even be ready for March, have my doubts) 

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 I never once claimed that GTA V is coming out in March, I was thinking May or June. How is it a big difference that the games are from the same company? It doesn't matter if the games from the same company or a rival one. Like I said before if two games from the same company were released three months apart before why can't they now. And as for your claims that no games can survive gatting released within three months of a GTA game, what about Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots when it was released two months after GTA IV and it did well.

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I don't think even 3 months is enough of a gap.  All these companies look at is quarterly results, and a big chunk in one quarter is not good.  October is GTAs month.  

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All of that would depend on how long Bioshock Infinite is. If it only takes a few days to complete then three months is enough. Plus I think October is a bit of a stretch (even if they once released these games on October.) Why not July or even September? And patterns were meant to be broken.

I also found out that the next MLB 2K13 is coming early March which is also a Take 2 game.

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Bioshock will fail, GTA will be released. Take two lost millions in 2012. WOnt happen again unless they want to be unemployed. GTA V will be the last great relic for the current consoles. If they were going to release it in OCT 13, It would be next-gen. Which it is most definietly not.







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If you check the list of GTA games that have been released,  a VAST majority have been released in October.  Even IV was meant for October, they had to delay it so they could figure out how to shoehorn it on to those crapola Xbox 360 discs. A tiger does not change its stripes, and I feel October is it. 

Doesn't matter anyway: if it were coming by June, they would have announced that by now. 


Its in the sig,  say it with ne now people..... 

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If it were coming out in June they would likely announce it next month. I remember L.A. Noire being announced at the 22th of January for it's May release so there's still time. Perphaps the release date will get revealed when they show the cover art.


Plus there were problems with the Playstation 3 version that caused the delay with GTA IV not the X-BOX

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zoomer look through earlier posts from mid 2012 you were saying gta wont be october it will be may your reasoning, that in the last couple of years there aaa titles had been released spring now yet again you are changing your prediction if you are right about its release date it is only because you have stated all other possible release windows which means f*ck all doesnt it, it will be out spring 2013 we will see the new xbox at e3 and should be able to buy it by the end of 2013 i assume sony wont be far behind, they will not release gtav within a couple of months of next gen consoles its spring 2013 for sure and probably rockstars last title for current gen.

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 they wont release it anywhere near Bioshock, and if it were coming anytime in the next six months we would know it now. October is the date,  may as well warp our heads around that. I started saying Oct 2013 back before Halloween 2012, could just feel this game had a good year left in the oven.  


It does not take a brain to see that they wont pur BS and GTA V out nexr to each other. And the assumption is that GTAV is ready to ship for Marxh,  its not. 

October.... That month may as well be renamed GTA. 

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And people seem to think because Rockstar has had Spring for gta v that that is set in stone and won't change.  Well,  Bio Shock was set for Fall of kast year and it got delayed so it can happen.  Chances are we will know little more than we do now at the end of February.  Probably should be able to stick a fork in Spring then ounce and for all. 

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halloween last year you were saying it was definately next gen, see what im getting at here zoomer, you are quick to brush off analysts and even official word from rockstar that it is coming out in spring 2013, rockstar said spring 2013 so its coming out spring 2013 like when you said "the game doesnt have a release date so it is next gen". i sure as hell am going to take what rockstar have said over some keyboard warrior that seems to know sweet absolutely nothing.

am i right? im sure i am not on my own here in seeing how dilusional you are

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 Plus I don't think Zoomer30 doesn't listen to a logical thing we say. He belives that a next gen release would be good for Rockstar in spite of the fact that Rockstar would waste serious money on a release on next gen. He still claims that the game won't release on Spring due to Rockstar not announcing it earlier in spite of evidence against it. He claims that Rockstar will never release three months to Bioshock once again in spite of the evidence.


 I'm beginning to think that Zommer30 is truly the troll everyone say that he is. There's no other way to explain this. If Zoomer 30 is right October I'll admit it cause unlike him I'm man enough to admit my mistakes. And Zoomer30, if your not a troll then tell me how a next gen launch release of Grand Theft Auto 5 would benefit Rockstar.

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The reason I was saying "next gen" was due to the fact that the screen shots looked way to good for this to be current generation.  And the fact that everyone (once again, getting to be a theme with this game) just ASSUMED it was current gen, even when Rockstars own site had TBD after the line "platforms".  Until they said otherwise, its was next gen in my mind.  I think that's the reason the announcement was so late in the year on that issue: They were debating whether or not to put it out on this gen or next. 


If you guys want to look stupid,  fine with me. I for one dont fall for every foolish Internet hoax release date scam that comes down the crapper. Should make for good comedy when March gets here and we still don't have a date. 

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You didn't tell me how next gen was "the way to go" or "the way to win" for Rockstar. And if I'm wrong I'll admit it. Even if I look stupid I'll still have some class about it.

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A lot of games in the past months (since E3 2012) have changed from current to next gen. So a change in generation was a possibility.  The issue of release date has much more data to support it.  Almost ever Gta game,  even back in the early days, came out in October.  I just feel they won't put gta v out anywhere near BioShock. They'd be better off just canceling BS if that is their plan,  BS would get ignored by GTA V.  

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 Can you name me these games?


 Plus if Bioshock Infinite was released after Grand Theft Auto 5 maybe it could get overshadowed but not before. I thought about buying Bioshock Infinite to tide me over till Grand Theft Auto 5 comes out. I'm not doubting the possibility of a delay from Rockstar but I think a release in October just cause other games were released in October about five or six years ago is a little hard to take in. If some major difficulties like with Grand Theft Auto IV happen it would but it's highly doubtfull.


 I say lets wait till a couple of months or a couple of weeks to find out for sure. I don't like jumping the gun about stuff that might or might not happen.

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Its pretty simple, they want to maximize their revenue for both games, by releasing both games close together they would get less. They will release BS first, wait 6 months or so, then release GTA V. To release them both in the same Quarter it will foul up their revenue stream. This also explains the almost total lack of real news about the game. They want people to stay interested but they DONT want people thinking its coming soon. Just let the info dribble out for the next 4 months or so, then fire hose it. GTA IV had a TON TON TON more info on it by the release.

I think this will become clear once we get to March and still dont have a release date. The only thing that would make GTA V come out in March is if they delay BS, and they wont (its already late).

Star Wars 1313 and Watch_Dogs were games that were current gen but are now by in large next gen. Thief 2 is another one. Im sure Rockstar decided it was not worth the time to do it right now. Soon I can change my sig to:

GTA VI: A Tale of Three Cities October 2015

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And assuming that Rockstar is going to make a big annoucment of a real release date, if this is not a good date (ie, late in the year) you can bet money when they will do it: Late, on a Friday, after the markets have closed for the weekend. This is standard operating procedure for companies with news that may not sit well with investors. Let them mull it over the weekend and then it will be less of a hit on the stock on Monday.

Anything past June will hurt them from a PR sense, but at least it will finally be an honest date. They must think everyone has rocks for brains to think they would actually release around BioShock, that is 100% senseless.

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zoomer you are full of sh*t you were screaming its next gen even after they confirmed the consoles, which i may add was TBA (to be announced) not TBD assuming that is (to be decided) dont twist the truth to suit your crock of sh*t version of events. when i said october is gta month you replied no their last aaa titles were released spring so it will be 2013, now you go back and say exactly what i said but because you say so its right, by the end of this month we will have the box art reveal, going off other gta history (just like you can now because your next gen theory was f*cked) gta4 was box art was revealed end of november 2007, 5 months later gta4 was on the shelves, so say 20th to the 30th jan we will get the gtav boxart +4 or 5 months i put it at late may or late june 2013, not to mention by fall 2013 we could be playing or close to playing on next gen consoles. to release a big game like gtav that close to new consoles isnt good for business, not all but alot will pack up the ps3 and 360 for a ps4 or 720 and not look back.

so we know it isnt next gen, and they wont ship in the last couple of months of current gen so it will ship spring, months before we even know when new consoles have concrete release dates.

i have a wager for you if i am wrong about the spring 2013 release i will stop posting here if you are wrong about october 2013 release you will stop posting here. agree?

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 I checked those games you mentioned. This past November Watch Dogs was announced for X-BOX 360 and the Playstation 3. Those were likely PC graphics you saw on the screenshots. Star Wars 1313 might have a next gen release but it was never announced for current gen consoles. If you have a link to this claim I would like to see it. I know that all you are doing is trolling people and that remark about you claiming Rockstar thinks we have rocks for brains to think the game would come out this spring is a tease if I ever read one.


 I think the best thing to do is to ignore Zoomer30 for now on. He just wants attention which has been his whole goal.

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tell em fellas. kbcustoms is right. Releasing gta right before the new consoles, after all the time and money they have spent on this masterpiece, would be a deathwish. Oh, It;s still next gen Zoomer? Why would they CONFIRM current gen then? We will be playing by June 20th. Period. End of story

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If next gen consoles really are slated for release this holiday season that may be enough to make take two release it earlier in the year, it wont sell as much if people are planning on buying next gen consoles in a few months

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thought I already signed one of these but I will GLADLY sign again.